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Are you heading back to the office after working from home during the pandemic, or maybe you are looking for a fresh start in the new year?

This guide shares the best remote work from home jobs in 2023.

The word “best” is very subjective but browse through these suggested remote work from home jobs. There are also a few tips to help you land these types of opportunities, so grab a drink and read through them.

Best Remote Work from Home Jobs in 2022
Quality Assurance Analyst

There are different types of Quality Assurance roles. A growing number of companies are looking for people who have an engineering background, but entry-level QA opportunities are out there.

Companies are looking for candidates who can learn how to use software quickly and create test cases with have attention to detail.

Can you think of software you have used regularly in your current job that you know extensively? If you can, reach out to the company with your resume and cover letter telling them about your experiences using their software. This is a great way to open new doors.

Customer service

More companies are moving their customer support online, and this makes sense. There’s a growing number of cloud services that bring email, live chat and social communication into one place so that users can be supported.

Very few people want to speak on the telephone nowadays because it’s so much quicker online.

If you have customer support experience, you will be happy to know that working from home is a much better experience. Call centres are a stressful environment, which do not get the best out of people.

Download a free trial of Zendesk, Helpscout and Zoho. Many companies are using this type of solution for their customer service. Get yourself familiar with the software to increase your chances.

Project Managers

As companies embrace remote working, they will need to hire project managers. Companies need project managers to be subjective, well organised, goal-oriented, so project deadlines are met.

Depending on the type of company, you could have different teams working together like engineers, UX/UI designers, QA. From my experience, the companies that do remote well are the ones that have project managers to make sure that there is team cohesion.

Content creators

Companies have embraced the importance of content marketing. The demand for multimedia content creators is already on the increase. Can you write, create videos and podcasts?

These types of content creators are needed as companies increase the amount of content on platforms like Tik Tok, YouTube and Spotify.

To increase your chances of landing a job as a content creator, start using one of the platforms mentioned above and create content on one of your passions in life. You can use the content to showcase your skills.

Community managers

Building a community is an area that companies are starting to expand on, more so because of the increase in virtual events. To create an engaging community, community managers start discussions, engage with members and host virtual events.

You only have to look at companies like Twitter, which recently launched communities add on with groups and audio events on Spaces.

Virtual Assistants

There has been an explosion of new entrepreneurs and freelancers who have started a business during the pandemic. These people need support from virtual assistants. What is a virtual assistant?

Think of it as an online personal assistant who will help write emails, data input, and other administrative tasks.

Most of the remote job boards have VA, Administrative opportunities. Bear in mind that many Virtual Assistants are freelancers, so that will add additional competition.

Another option to find Virtual Assistant opportunities is to engage with entrepreneurs and freelancers on social media, build relationships, and showcase your skills.

These final categories of remote work from home jobs are not necessarily going to be hot in 2023. That said, it is worth mentioning them because we will start to see an explosion soon.

AI/VR remote jobs

Artificial Intelligence and Virtual Reality roles are going to start appearing as technology shifts happen. We’ve seen an explosion of AI software, like copy.ai, which improves the copy on your website and ads.

Facebook recently announced that they are hiring 10,000 VR engineering jobs. Once companies like Google and Facebook start to invest money and time into AI/VR, you know that other companies will think about how these technologies affect their business.

It’s time to think about how AI/VR could impact your career in 5 years. Could you see your job being taken by AI? Seriously, give it some thought because change is happening.

What’s next?

If you are unsure what remote job matches your skills, a good exercise is to create a Remote job profile. You can download our workbook to help you with this exercise by subscribing to our free remote work email that is sent out every Sunday.

Hopefully, this guide has helped you find the best remote work from home jobs in 2023. Please ask any questions to receive free coaching.

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