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As companies look to build a remote workforce to pandemic proof their business, more opportunities in marketing are appearing on job boards.

You need experience in marketing products and services but, it is essential to know how to market yourself when applying for remote jobs. Companies will be interested to learn the strategies you would implement to attract their target audience and achieve their sales goals.

Here are 6 ways to land remote jobs in Marketing.

Build a personal brand

If your goal is to have a career in marketing, then creating and building a personal brand will help you in the long term. When a potential employer searches for your name, you want the results to be full of references to your marketing skills and experience.

Admittedly, it takes time to build a personal brand so, if you are looking for a marketing role in the short term, it’ll not be a strategy for you.

Create content regularly

As an experienced marketeer, it’s critical to showcase your skills, especially since most roles will be in digital marketing. Create content to prove to potential employers that you are creative and can strategize and plan campaigns to sell a product or service.

Use LinkedIn to create posts to help companies within the niche or industry you are interested in. Make sure you add 2-3 hashtags to the content for widely searched for related to marketing.

Feeling a bit more creative? Why not create a video series on YouTube to teach a specific skill? Write guest articles for publications within the marketing industry. Request to be on podcast episodes to share your experience.

This is a great way to get your name out there.

Build a social media presence

For most marketing roles, you will need to be familiar with social networks and understand how they work. If you can prove you know how to build an engaged audience, this will increase your chances.

How about creating a campaign to showcase your skills? What is the goal of your campaign? Will you have a call-to-action, or do you just want to attract user-generated content? The campaign needs to be on a topic you are passionate about. Make sure you use a hashtag that can be tracked to measure how effective the campaign was.

Create a network of contacts

Use social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to build a network of contacts. Include people with a good reputation in marketing and decision-makers in the types of companies you would like to work for.

You want your network to build your reputation but also to open doors for potential marketing roles.

Do not make networking one-way. Look at how you can help others – find businesses who are struggling with marketing. Jump on a Zoom call with them and answer any questions. Do this via LinkedIn, and you can also ask them to leave a recommendation on your profile in return for help.

Take action and stand out

Most candidates will do the bare minimum when it comes to applying for remote jobs. They will spend all of their time browsing job boards but zero time building a network and reaching out to potential employers.

Identify 6-10 companies you would love to work for and start to engage with them online. Showcase your skills and send them a brief email telling them what benefits you can bring to their business. Keep the email brief. Think about how you stand out by using an eye-catching subject line.

Research the company

It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to spend time researching the company before applying for a marketing job. Understand the target audience, the products, and services will help you create marketing strategies to help the company.

What campaigns are they running at the moment, and what would you do differently? What experience have you had marketing with companies similar to theirs? Look at their blog and latest press releases and create an idea for a campaign to get more exposure.

These are just 6 ways to land remote jobs in marketing. If you would like more free training, sign up for my free weekly Remote Working email, sent to your inbox every Sunday.

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