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How to Get a Remote Job in 2022

Learn the steps and discover the common mistakes remote job searchers make when applying for a remote job.

Sharing real-life experiences

2022 is fast approaching, and it’s time to prepare your resume and sprinkle some creativity on your cover letter. As a remote coach, it’s my job to support you through the process of landing a Remote Job.

Want to secure a remote job but unsure where to start? Frustrated at the flow of automated job rejections?  I have experienced these challenges and want to share my experiences and advice to help support you.

Darren Cronian

Steps to Get a Remote Job in 2022

Analyse your skills and experience

Make a note of your skills. Think about the industry you have experience in.

Browse remote job boards

Get a taste of what jobs are listed with your skills and experience.

Analyse the job advert listing

Write down essential skills and experience required in the job listing.

Tailor your resume to the remote job

Highlight essential requirements and your skills in your resume/CV.

Proofread your Resume for errors

Ask a friend to read through your resume to find any grammar errors.

Get creative with your cover letter

This is your time to shine! Create a cover letter that sells yourself.

Read instructions carefully

Before applying for the job, make sure to read instructions on the job advert.

Always ask for feedback after applying

No response? Automated rejection? Always ask for feedback.

Why Can’t I Find a Remote Job? 10 Common Mistakes

Common mistakes people make when applying for a remote job

We are human and make mistakes. In 2015, it took me six months before I realised the mistakes stopping me from landing my first remote job.

After making changes to my resume/CV and cover letter, the interview invites started to appear. If you’re struggling to secure a remote job, it’s likely because you are making one or more of these mistakes.

Do not make these 4 common mistakes

Use the same resume/CV

Tailor the resume/CV for each remote job to increase your chances.

Mundane cover letter

Remote jobs are getting more competitive, you need to stand out and be creative.

Unable to scan resume

Companies are using applicant tracking software to short list candidates.

Focusing on quantity

You need to focus on quality over quantity. Spend time on each remote job application.

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