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This guide was written by Darren Cronian. Over the last 7 years, he has secured numerous remote jobs and built a successful freelancing business. Frustrated at automated rejections or struggling to find freelance clients? Your remote work coach is here for support.

It is time to get creative and find remote jobs in 2021! While everyone is focusing on job boards, these are strategies that will increase your chances of landing the perfect remote job.

From my own experiences over the last six years, these strategies work, if you are prepared to put in the time and effort. They are strategies that focus on your career in the long-term, so are not quick wins.

Here are 3 creative ways to find remote jobs in 2021.

Find Remote Jobs in 2021

An employer can only go on what you include in your resume and cover letter. They have no idea of your skillset or level of knowledge. So, thinking of creative ways to showcase your skills will help you stand out amongst other candidates.

How creative you get depends on the roles you’re applying for. Part of my role as a remote job coach is to help you get creative.

While eating my muesli this morning, one idea came to me if you’re looking for a copywriting job. Maybe sharing this idea will inspire you to get creative and showcase your skills to potential employers.

Here are the steps to implement this strategy:

  1. Think about the industry you would like to be working in.
  2. Write down a few companies you would love to work for.
  3. Find out which social network most of them are active on.
  4. Create a profile. Use a quality photo of your face that stands out.
  5. Write a creative bio that will make you stand out.

It is essential to learn how these sites function and try to understand the algorithm. This will help your content attract companies you’re interested in working for.

Next, this is where you can get creative.

Browse websites within the industry and screenshot poorly, written content online within the industry. Make sure no copyright material like logos and images are included just take the text.  Post the screenshot along with how you would have written the content and why your version is better. To get your content found, use hashtags on copywriting and industry-specific terms.

Why do this? Firstly, you are highlighting your copywriting skills and a link to your content can be included in your cover letter. Get your content seen and people will recommend you to companies and recruiters.

This is just one strategy that you could implement. If you need help showcasing your skills, check out my remote job coach page.


LinkedIn is the first place to become a professional networker but look into industry-specific communities where you can be active. Spend time researching platforms where you can network with your peers, and companies you would like to work for.

Over the last six years, 90% of the companies that hired me were because of my network. This made getting into these companies easier because people were recommending me.

Building a network of people, within the industry you are focusing on will help you in the long term. The hardest remote job to get is your first one.

Even when you are hired into a remote job, it’s still recommended to continue to engage with your network and keep informed of trends and changes within the industry. So, how do you start to build your network?

Here are some practical steps:

Creating content, sharing your skills and knowledge, will get you seen, by your peers and companies looking for someone with your experience.

  1. Create short-form content on LinkedIn
  2. Use an image but not stock. Take your own photos.
  3. Use 1 to 3 Hashtags help to get your content found.
  4. Publish when your network is the most active.
  5. Be consistent. Publish content at least once a day.

Engage with people who you feel would benefit your career going forward. This could be leaving and answering questions. Adding your opinion and experiences to the topic. Sharing post and liking the content posted from within the community.

Stand out within your industry as someone who is highly employable and, opportunities will come your way. No, seriously, they will. It is worth putting the time and effort into building a network.


For many people, this might feel uncomfortable, but engaging with companies will get you noticed. Especially if you add a ton of value and become a respected individual within their community.

Earlier in this article, it was recommended that you create a shortlist of companies you would like to work for. With this list, start to look at where they are active online. Then, engage with the content and showcase your skills and experience.

Here’s an example of how this can work:

You’re applying for a customer service role, and users are leaving questions. Become familiar with the product(s) and share your experience and advice. This is particularly useful when the community is built for user-led support.

You could create or join an unofficial group on Facebook where users ask questions of other users. Avada Users Group is a great example where the community helps each other out. If you are actively supporting members, the company will observe this.

Simply, asking a few questions each week or sharing ideas on how the produce/service could be improved will get you noticed.

Hopefully, this article has inspired you to find creative ways to find remote jobs in 2021.

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