Passionate about helping you land a remote job and escape the office

The checklists and advice featured in the guide are from 8 years of experience securing remote jobs. It is the ultimate companion to have on your side when searching, applying and preparing for interviews.

Complete all the tasks and receive fewer automated job rejections and more interview invites. It is a proven process that resulted in me landing four remote jobs. Several of my clients have now also escaped the office!

Ultimate Remote Job Application Checklist

The idea behind the checklist is that you would have it open as you go through the process of applying for a remote job. You will be guided and asked questions to ensure you complete the essential tasks on the checklist.

It’s the perfect companion! Be guided through searching for remote jobs, tailoring your resume, writing the cover letter, and reviewing your application to ensure it beats the applicant tracking software. It’s time to escape the office.

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Remote Job Interview Process

Proven application process

Checklist of all the tasks required to successfully apply for a remote job and escape the office.

Remote Job or Freelancing: Why a Remote Job is Better

Beat applicant tracking software

Learn how to beat the software so you receive less automated rejections and more interviews.

Remote Work Coach

Stop making the same mistakes

Learn recruitment best practices and avoid the common mistakes job seekers make.

What clients say..

Very patient coach

Darren is incredibly patient, has empathy for my situation and his coaching highlighted so many mistakes. Thanks to his guidance, I secured a remote job as a content marketing manager.

Richard Park

He’s a confidence builder

Darren did so much more than help me find a remote job. He built up my confidence and this came across in my resume, cover letter and in interviews. You’re an amazing coach.

Katie Swinnow

Just what I needed

After spending six months trying to get a remote job, I reached out to Darren and he reviewed my CV and cover letter. His direction really helped me get a job where I work from home 3 days a week.

Rebecca Haines
Darren Cronian

Meet the author of this ultimate checklist!

Darren Cronian has successfully landed 4 remote jobs over the last 8 years. His knowledge of recruitment best practices and experience securing remote jobs will help you reduce remote job rejections and receive more interview invites.

The Ultimate Remote Job Application Checklist

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