Why Freelancers Need LinkedIn

Why move to a pay-what-you-want content platform?

Many hours are spent creating content on this website, podcast and YouTube videos. I love creating content to help more people escape the office.

Revenue so far has been generated by my 1-to-1 coaching, but it is expensive because it is very labour intensive and not everyone can afford it.

By moving to a pay what you want content platform, you’re supporting my work as a content creator and ensuring that everyone gets to be coached by me.

How you will help

Here are four areas your money will be reinvested back into my coaching business.

Live Coaching

Revenue will go towards hosting live coaching for all.

Content Creators

Hire new freelance content creators to create videos.

No Adverts

Adverts are a distraction and we want the site to be ad-free.

Tools and Technology

Buying new tools and tech to improve the quality of content.

What the clients say..

Very patient coach

Darren is incredibly patient, has empathy for my situation and his coaching highlighted so many glaring mistakes. Thanks to his guidance, I secured a remote job as a content marketing manager.

Richard Park

He’s a confidence builder

Darren did so much more than help me find a remote job. He built my confidence, which came across in my resume, cover letter, and interviews. You’re a fantastic coach. Thank you so much.

Katie Swinnow

Help provide remote work coaching for everyone

Please pay what you want and only if you have found the content valuable.