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Last Updated: 13 July 2023

Many of us get stuck in our comfort zone, living how society expects. The years pass, and before you know it, your life has flashed by your eyes. Here are the signs you should quit your job.

It’s essential to take a step back away from day-to-day life, reflect on what you’ve achieved, and think about the future. What do you want to accomplish in your life? What are your goals and aspirations?

Signs You Should Quit Your Job to Travel and Work Remotely

Here are four signs you should quit your job to work and travel

Dread Monday Mornings

On Sunday evening, do you have a horrible feeling in the pit of your stomach, knowing that the next day you will have to wake and start the daily grind of commuting to the office and working in a job that does not fulfill you?

It is an awful feeling knowing that you have to work in an environment where you are not valued, and let’s not even get into office politics.

You would think that having this horrible feeling and experience every week that your brain would tell you that enough is enough – it’s time to quit, but because you’re stuck in your comfort zone, you continue to go through the motions.

If you are not doing something you love, you will not wake up excited about attending a job you don’t genuinely enjoy. It’s astounding how many people choose to stay in their position out of comfort or fear of the unknown.

Quitting your 9-5 job to work and travel will allow you to build the perfect work-life balance so you have more time to do the things you love.

Spend More Time Looking Out of the Window

While sitting on the bus or train commuting to work, do you spend most of your time staring out the window wishing you were elsewhere?

You sit at your desk, say the usual pleasantries to work colleagues, switch on your computer, and then your mind wanders as you look out of the window, thinking where you could be.

It’s your brain trying to tell you that you need to change your life. The fear of the unknown is what stops many of us from making difficult decisions in our life. It’s essential to see these signs and ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I Happy? Does this job make me feel fulfilled?
  • What would I rather be doing? Where do I see myself in five years?

Asking yourself questions and taking yourself away from the day-to-day grind will get you into a different mindset and thinking about the future.

Daydreaming, wishing you were somewhere else, is a huge sign that you want more from your life.

Counting Down to Friday

You walk into the office, sit at your desk, and already think about Friday and the weekend. Every day you are counting down and living for Saturday, seriously is this what you want to do with your life?

Wishing your life away as every day you want to, it was Friday.

That is not how you should be living your life.

The average life expectancy differs between males and females in every country. Let’s give ourselves 75 years. With 52 weeks in a year, there will be 52 Fridays, 52 Saturdays, and 52 Sundays.

Do the math, and that’s 156 weekend days in a year, 11,700 days in a lifetime. The Monday to Thursday stats are 2,018 weekdays in a year, 15,600 days in a lifetime. You’re telling me that you want to spend 55 percent of your living days wishing it was another day of the week?

Let’s leave that question there for you to think about.

Living Inside the Comfort Zone

We’ve mentioned the comfort zone numerous times in this guide, and to be honest, when you live inside it, you do not realize that you are in it.

After quitting my job of 24 years to work and travel, it became apparent that most of that time was spent living life how society expects and going through the motions of working 9-to-5. It’s easy to keep doing what you know to bring in an income to live comfortably.

One of the best quotes out there is by Neale Donald Walsch.

Life begins at the end of your comfort zone

Let me tell you, as someone who spent two and a half decades firmly stuck in his comfort zone, that this quote is so true. My life has changed since taking the leap of faith and quitting my 9-to-5 job of 24 years to work and travel the world.

These are just 4 of the many signs you should quit your job. You must give yourself the space to figure out what you want to achieve in your life and if you are going through the motions and living as society expects.

We’re all so focused on the day-to-day grind that we do not take the time to think about the future and plan life goals. You do not want to be that person in your early 70s, thinking about regrets.

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