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Hello, I’m Darren Cronian

For 24-years, I worked for the same organisation. After spending years counting down to Friday and staring out of the window, wishing I was somewhere else, I finally gathered the courage to escape the office. At the end of 2014, aged 40, I made the difficult decision to quit my secure, well-paid office job to work remotely.

Up until now, I have secured four remote jobs but made many mistakes while applying. In fact, it took me six months to receive my first interview invite! Throughout the last seven years, I created a strategy that works, and it’s this that I want to teach you.

It’s my goal to help you secure your perfect remote job and escape the office.

4 Reasons why I would be your perfect remote work coach

Real life experiences

Relatable. Experienced the frustrations and challenges you face.

Learnt from mistakes

Learn from my mistakes to avoid stress and secure a remote job quicker.

Proven strategies

Learn the strategies that worked for me when applying for remote jobs.

Hired into remote jobs

I secured 4 remote jobs in 7 years of working remotely, I achieved your goal.

Experienced remote work coach

Want to secure a remote job, but unsure where to start? Frustrated at the flow of automated job rejections? Don’t feel you have the skills to work remotely? I have experienced many issues like this and would love to coach you through challenges.

Resume Review for Remote Jobs

What the clients say..

Very patient coach

Darren is incredibly patient, has empathy for my situation and his coaching highlighted so many glaring mistakes. Thanks to his guidance, I secured a remote job as a content marketing manager.

Richard Park

He’s a confidence builder

Darren did so much more than help me find a remote job. He built my confidence, which came across in my resume, cover letter, and interviews. You’re a fantastic coach. Thank you so much.

Katie Swinnow
Why Can’t I Get a Remote Job?

Tailored coaching

I would love to be your remote work coach and help you secure a remote job.

All of my coaching packages includes access to me before and after the sessions. You should also expect one or two exercises to complete in your own time. Book a tailored session and let me guide you through your current challenges. An hour coaching session starts from £145. Get in touch for more information.

Ready to secure your perfect remote job?

1:1 Coaching sessions to guide you through the challenges you are facing