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This guide was written by Darren Cronian. Over the last 7 years, he has secured numerous remote jobs and built a successful freelancing business. Frustrated at automated rejections or struggling to find freelance clients? Your remote work coach is here for support.

Working from home is not going away, and as 2022 fast approaches, several remote jobs are in demand as we enter a new year. Do you have these skills?

With millions of people working remotely due to the covid-19 pandemic, companies have had to deal with a distributed workforce, and that has resulted in challenges around communication, collaboration and teamwork.

These challenges have opened up new opportunities. In this article, we feature what remote jobs are in demand for 2022 and the skills required.

What Remote Jobs are in Demand for 2021?
Project manager

The role of a project manager will be to bring teams together so that the different teams are on target to complete large tasks or projects. Good communication, time management and organisational skills are a must. As companies transition into being remote, they will have a distributed workforce that needs managing.

Project managers will be responsible for dealing with any issues that are blocking the completion of work. They will manage workload, team timesheets, and be the connection with management to ensure work is completed.

Remote project management does work but, numerous factors impact success, including the project complexity, infrastructure, communications, technology and team dynamics.

Customer service

Traditionally, customer service has been within call centres. As companies move away from telephone to live chat, online and email support, there is going to be greater demand for customer support jobs. Especially if you have experiences of browser-based software like ZenDesk, FreshDesk and Zoho.

When was the last time you used your telephone to talk to someone? Most customers are going to be using social media like Twitter, email, and live chat as the internet continues to be a place where people find support.

Last week, a question came up for MaiierLite and, it took me less than an hour to receive a response on their Twitter account. Any queries with airlines can often be answered in the Direct Message inbox on Instagram and other social platforms.

Virtual assistants

As companies become fully-distributed, they are going to realise how much value virtual assistants can add to their business. The issue will be competition as more people are looking to work from home, so, my advice would be to focus down on a specific set of skills and industry.

It’s time to become the known authority and expert within the skills you have. The demand for administrative and data entry skills will be higher as companies continue to move towards data-based advertising and research.

Community manager

The social media giants are going to continue to adjust their algorithms to increase revenue from advertising and premium services. Resulting in companies discovering less engagement and less control over their community.

Also, with the increase in social networks like TikTok, there are now more social networks than ever. Having a community manager to bring all of the conversations together is going to in demand in 2021, and beyond.

Building a community around third parties that you have no control over is a mistake, in my opinion.

Virtual events organiser

More events and conferences are going to be shifting online. That is not going to change anytime soon.

It takes a specific set of skills to organise a virtual event, including having good organisational and communication skills. Being tech-savvy and familiar with the software on payment providers, live-streaming apps to create a successful virtual conference will be in demand.

Online trainer

Companies will have previously sent their workforce on courses in nearby locations or offices, hosted by third-parties. We are going to see a trend of companies hiring online trainers that can host training virtually.

Think about training that companies would be on the lookout for including HR and Data Protection. Think about IT training, using software that is now needed in the workforce, because people are working from home. What skills can you teach?

Increased remote opportunities

Companies have seen for the first time what a work from home workforce looks like. If you are doing business online, then your audience reach is extended and, the need for a more global workforce becomes essential.

Companies now have the world to find perfect candidates rather than locally. So, if you are living in Eastern Europe, SE Asia, for the first time you have a chance of working for big US companies who pay more and can change your life.

What’s next?

Take time over the next 4 weeks as we end the year to learn new skills. Spend less time watching Christmas movies and invest in yourself to make yourself more employable and be in a position to apply for these in-demand remote jobs.

Read my guide on how to learn new skills and get yourself ready!

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