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Sometimes, all it needs is someone to talk to about your struggles getting a remote job. Especially with a coach who has experienced the process and understands the problems you are facing.

You must take your time to find the right coach for you.

Do you need someone honest with your expectations, but motivates you to deal with the mindset issues that can affect your confidence? In this article, you will find why remote job coaching will increase your chances of getting hired.

Why Coaching Will Help you Get a Remote Job
Help you create your resume and cover letter

Most of the mistakes made during the application process are with the resume and cover letter. Companies are often looking for a specific set of skills and personality traits related to remote working. Often candidates applying for Remote jobs for the first time do not realize this.

Remote job coaching will help you improve your resume and offer ideas that you can implement to stand out.

The cover letter is critical because you need to understand why you want this remote job and what value you can bring to the company. Here, you need to shine and stand out amongst your competition.

Learn from your coach’s experiences

We are humans; we make mistakes. A good coach will be open and share the mistakes that they made so that you can learn from them. The coach will share the expectations and challenges that you will have to overcome.

I used the same resume and cover letter when searching for a remote job, resulting in no interviews. As a recruiter, you can tell when a candidate has not put in the effort.

Support you through the application process

This is where a good coach will be invaluable. They know the process you must go through and can guide you through each stage. Send your resume and cover letter to your coach before applying and get feedback.

When you have been shortlisted for an interview, the coach will be familiar with the interview process and help guide you through what you must prepare for. Remote job interviews are different because you need a webcam, headphones, and a good internet connection.

Mentor and be your accountability partner

One of the roles of a coach is to make you accountable and tasks to deal with the challenges you are facing. They will be there to answer any questions you have.

Find a coach who is a good mentor, with experience, and is approachable. This is why a discovery call with the coach will help you learn more about the coaching, their experiences, and how you feel talking to them.

Do they appear calm and speak clearly in a manner you can understand?

The remote job search

Initially, you might apply for similar roles that you currently perform in the office, but when working from home, do you want a fresh start? Maybe another job would be more suitable because your interests are linked.

Being passionate about the work you do will make life easier when working from home. So your coach should complete a skills analysis and ask the right questions to help you decide what remote job is best for you.

Being experienced, the coach should have a good idea of the best places to find the type of remote jobs that you are searching for. Need a remote job coach? Check out my coaching page to learn how I can help you.

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