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When transitioning from an office environment to working from home, there are a number of tasks to complete and recommended items to purchase.

Let’s start off with the skills you will need to become a successful remote worker. Having good communication skills is a must since you will be communicating with clients or colleagues over video calls, emails, and software like Slack.

Being a good organizer, working on your own initiative and motivated to get your work done from home will also be skills needed.

What Do I Need to Work Remotely?
Create a distraction free workspace

You do not need to build a home office, but, having space where you can sit down and focus on work is essential. If you are living with other people, then you need to set rules and set expectations.

Make sure that the workspace is comfortable, in that, you ideally need an ergonomic computer chair so, you are not damaging your back and joints. Have a desk with plenty of space so you can work without lots of clutter.

Reliable internet provider

We will start off with the most obvious, you need a reliable internet connection to be able to cope with video conference calls.

Depending on your role, you might need to download and upload files, so fast speeds will be required to keep yourself productive. Spend time researching the best internet speeds in your area.

Ask friends and work colleagues for their recommendations. When speaking with the internet service provider, ask for the upload and download speed that you can expect.

Computer or laptop

The next item you will need to work remotely is a desktop computer or laptop. Personally, my preferred option is a laptop, so that work can be completed in coffee shops and co-working spaces.

You might decide that a desktop computer is the better option because you are going to be always working from home. Whatever you decide, make sure that it can deal with the tasks that you have to regularly perform at work.

For a desktop computer, you are likely going to need to buy a mouse, keyboard, and have a good-sized monitor to work on.

Think about the type of computer you will need to complete your work. Do you edit videos, are you a developer that needs a power-hungry computer? Or, are you working on customer support and work in the browser only?

MiFi for internet backup

During your time as a remote worker, at some point, your home internet will go down in the middle of working on a piece of work.

Having a back up is essential. Alongside having a mobile phone to tether, an unlocked MIFI is another option. Purchase a local sim card that is a different service provider then your home WiFi and mobile phone.

If an internet service provider goes down, you can connect your MIFI and continue with your work. Therefore saving you from not making work deadlines and keeping clients and colleagues happy.

External hard drive

Purchasing an external hard drive will save you from losing corrupted files and hours trying to recreate the work. Remember when working from home, you are not on an office network so, your computer is not automatically getting backed up.

This task can be completed weekly, or, transfer files on to your external hard drive at the end of the day. It’s also a good idea to do a full back-up of your computer regularly so, you do not have any issues being able to use it.

Cloud storage service

Alongside your external hard-drive, it’s recommended to use a cloud storage service. Useful for when you want to share files and documents with your colleagues or clients but also have access to them on the move.

It’s worth noting that external hard drives are sensitive, so if you move around a lot, they can be damaged.

Backing up files to a cloud storage service like Google Drive, Dropbox and, Microsoft OneDrive is a smart idea. These services are relatively cheap and will save you hours of work if you have to re-do it.

Block out unwanted noise

If you are planning to work in a noisy home, coffee shop or co-working space, purchase noise-cancelling headphones. They will block out any unwanted noise and help you focus. Download Spotify too for relaxing music to concentrate.

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