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This guide was written by Darren Cronian. Over the last 7 years, he has secured numerous remote jobs and built a successful freelancing business. Frustrated at automated rejections or struggling to find freelance clients? Your remote work coach is here for support.

Learning business lessons during the covid-19 pandemic comes with many interesting challenges. More so, when the focus is on helping people escape the office and land a remote job.

Yes, my coaching business was set up to help people quit their office jobs to work remotely, but millions are being forced to work from home due to covid-19.

For many entrepreneurs, the initial thought would be to put the business on hold until the world returns back to normal, but no, not me. In this article, you will share 5 business lessons I learned during the covid-19 pandemic in 2020.

5 Massive Business Lessons I Learned In 2020

Most people on the outside thought my business was dead in the water because of the global pandemic. Who is going to need coaching to help escape the office and land a remote job when everyone is being forced to work from home.

Throughout building this business, the strategy has been long-term. The focus has been on building a sustainable income over the next two years. It was never my strategy to focus on making money online from day one.

Can you imagine how many people have loved working from home and will at some point be back working in the office? They are going to be sitting at their desk, staring out of the window, wishing they were back working from home.

Those same people are going to search online for help on how to get started looking for work from home jobs. Guess who has been creating content: articles, podcasts, videos throughout the lockdown to help people get back to working from home?

When building an online business, it is wise not to focus only on the short-term. Setting business goals, and visioning the journey you will go on is essential. It is easy to get focused on how the business is performing day-by-day, but and that stops you from achieving the goals you set out for tomorrow.


Not focusing on a niche is a mistake most new entrepreneurs make, myself included.

This article is the exception, but, my focus is on helping people land a remote job. The advantage of focusing on a specific niche is the benefit of less competition. It is easier to create content when you know the end goal of your audience and the pain points.

Instinctively, when creating a business, you focus on a growing a big audience. It is difficult to get people engaged in your content when you are not focused. One week, you are creating content for one group. Then, the following week, it is another topic, and your audience is less interested.

This happened to me with my email list. It is a mix of people who want to work from home, but as freelancers, entrepreneurs and employees. When content is created on freelancing, not everyone on my email list is interested in articles on that topic.


To build a successful online business, you need to create a content marketing plan. Creating a mix of content is going to help you grow your audience, which hopefully will convert into customers. Initially, the goal was to create three videos, a podcast episode and write three articles every week. At the time it seemed doable.

After a few weeks, the content plan was obviously not sustainable, especially considering all of the other tasks needed to be completed to grow my business.

There is a lot of talk about repurposing and batch processing content, but neither worked for me. If it works for Gary Vaynerchuk and other high-profile entrepreneurs, it does not mean it will work for you.

Being consistent is essential to your success. So my focus was on creating a sustainable content marketing plan. After a couple of months of experimenting, a content plan was formed. I now write two articles, record one podcast episode and film at least one video, every week.


Imposter syndrome, perfectionism, and overthinking are possibly the biggest business lessons, and reasons why entrepreneurs fail. All of these mindset issues can severely damage your productivity and motivation to build a successful business.

When teaching others, we assume we have to be experts within our field, but the reality is, you just have to know more than the people you are teaching.

When my mindset was changed to this thinking, it wiped out any thoughts of being an imposter within my own business. People who know more than you will not be searching for the content you are creating, think about that for a second.

Next, let us talk about perfectionism. You will never create content, or, grow your business if everything has to be absolutely perfect. Just take action and, as you go through the process, you will improve and make changes.

Finally, over-thinking. Keep everything you do simple. Make it simple for your audience to understand, make it simple for you to implement. When you find yourself overthinking, stop, and move on to another piece of work.


You are the person behind the business. What makes your business unique is you. Your message, story and voice are unique to you. Do not spend all of your working days trying to come up with a unique business idea because you will fail.

Early on in my business, so much time was spent on looking at what other people were doing. This resulted in a ton of mindset issues. Stop trying to be like your other entrepreneurs, and focus on helping your audience.


Hopefully, these business lessons will help you, other than that there’s not a great deal to share with you because this is a one-off article on my experiences as an entrepreneur. Maybe you need someone to chat about building your online business? Contact me and let’s chat because I love talking to people who are going through the same challenges as myself.

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