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LinkedIn isn’t just about showcasing your professional skills and experience; it’s also about being a part of a vast community of professionals. Engaging with posts – whether through liking, sharing, or commenting – is integral to this online experience.

How you interact with content on this platform can significantly impact your job search. So, let’s talk about the best ways to connect with posts on LinkedIn, keeping in mind professionalism, respect, and relevance to your job hunt.

Here’s how you can master the art of LinkedIn etiquette while hunting for your next remote position.

LinkedIn Etiquette: How to Engage with Posts While Searching for Remote Jobs
Interact with purpose

LinkedIn isn’t just a job board; it’s a professional community. When you interact with posts, do so, attracting attention to your profile.

Offer genuine, thoughtful comments that contribute to the discussion rather than posting bland, generic statements. Be bold and offer an opinion that does not agree with the post creator.

Your comments reflect your knowledge, enthusiasm, and communication skills – traits remote employers value. Think about how your words could reflect on you as a potential employee.

Ask questions within the comments and start a discussion within the post. This will help your comment get seen by more people. Also, take time to respond to others’ comments, especially if it’s a question you can answer.

Don’t spam the comments by leaving links to your profile or resume; instead, an online link to resources that add value to the conversation.

Being a thoughtful community member will help you stand out and attract more attention from potential employers.

Use the Reaction Buttons Appropriately

LinkedIn offers different reactions to posts, each representing a unique sentiment. If you’re reacting to a post by a potential employer, your name appears in the list of reactions, and they can click through to your profile.

Do this often, along with commenting, and you will be noticed.

Be mindful of your reaction, and ensure it fits the post’s content and tone. ‘Like’ shows you agree or like the post, ‘Celebrate’ is for achievements and good news, ‘Support’ is for empathy during challenging times, and ‘Love’ shows a deep appreciation or fondness for the post.

The ‘Insightful reaction is for posts you found interesting and educational. The newest addition to LinkedIn reactions is ‘Funny,’ which you would use when you found the post amusing and made you laugh.

Remember that the content you react to does appear on your LinkedIn profile feed, so use it wisely.

Sharing and Reposting with Respect

Share an article, post, or insight with your network if you find the content compelling. However, always credit the original poster or author and add your insights when sharing. This shows respect for others’ work and allows you to showcase your perspective.

Respect Differing Opinions

Discussions on LinkedIn can sometimes involve differing viewpoints. When faced with a different perspective, remember the adage “agree to disagree.” Stay respectful, open-minded, and professional.

Remember, your digital footprint can say a lot about your communication ability, especially in remote jobs where communication is primarily digital.

Potential employers will look at your social media content, especially on LinkedIn, so it’s vital to keep any thoughts that are controversial to yourself, especially around politics and religion.

Engage Regularly, Not Excessively

While engaging with posts on LinkedIn is encouraged, it’s essential to strike a balance. Avoid commenting on every single post in your feed. Engage in a way that adds value and makes sense for your job search. The idea is to be visible and active, not overwhelming.

Privacy and Visibility

You want to be visible as a remote job seeker, but remember LinkedIn is a public platform. Any post you comment on becomes visible in your network’s feed.

Use this to your advantage by engaging with posts relevant to your career interests and showcasing your industry knowledge.

As you journey towards landing that ideal remote job, remember that LinkedIn is more than a job board.

Your thoughtful, consistent engagement with posts offers a glimpse of your professional persona, communication skills, and passion to potential employers. It also helps you stay updated on trends, making you a well-informed candidate.

Examples of Posts to Engage with on LinkedIn

When searching for a remote job, engaging with various posts on LinkedIn is essential. This engagement signals your interest and expertise in particular areas to potential employers.

Industry-Relevant Posts: Engage with content related to your field of expertise or the industry in which you seek a remote job. This could be articles about new technologies, market trends, or thought-leadership pieces. Contributing comments on these posts demonstrates your interest and knowledge in the subject area, which can attract employers.

Company-Specific Posts: If there are companies that you’re particularly interested in, follow their LinkedIn pages and engage with their posts. Whether they share updates about new projects, achievements, or job openings, your engagement shows interest in their work. Plus, it could get you noticed by hiring managers or recruiters from those companies.

Posts from Influencers and Thought Leaders: Thought leaders and influencers often share valuable insights and trends about various industries. Engaging with these posts can offer you a broader perspective, inspire innovative ideas, and demonstrate your continuous learning attitude.

Job Search and Career Advice Posts: Engaging with posts that offer job search tips, career advice, or remote work best practices can be very beneficial. Not only do you learn from these posts, but your engagement also signals to your network that you’re actively seeking opportunities.

Final Thoughts

Don’t be afraid to step out of your comfort zone. Engage with posts outside of your immediate network or a specific field. This cross-industry interaction can open doors to unexpected opportunities and broaden your perspective. But, most importantly, stay genuine in your interactions.

Authenticity resonates powerfully on LinkedIn and can significantly elevate your job search. Your next remote role might be a comment, share, or like away, so learn about LinkedIn etiquette.

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