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This guide was written by Darren Cronian. Over the last 7 years, he has secured numerous remote jobs and built a successful freelancing business. Frustrated at automated rejections or struggling to find freelance clients? Your remote work coach is here for support.

As we are moving through the year, it’s important to set goals for the year ahead.  Go through another year without focus and it’ll feel like a wasted year.

The goals you set can be anything from health, financial or business, or a mixture of all three. Together, let’s make this year, the best year ever. We will start off by taking a look at how to set goals and achieve them.

How to Set Goals and Achieve Them
Vision achieving your goals

Start off the year by visiting a place where you are the most productive: ideally somewhere quiet without interruptions.

Grab a notepad and pen and think about where you see yourself in five years time.

Here’s an exercise for you – let’s pretend you bumped into an old school friend at the airport, and they asked you what you’re up to; what would you want to tell them – maybe, you are looking healthy since you left school, you’re travelling the world, or, you’re running a successful business.

Think about what you would want to tell them. Make them impressed and leave thinking, wow, they have done well for themselves.

It’s important that you do not overburden yourself with a ton of goals.

Think of 1 or 2 big goals, and within that, you can create smaller goals to get where you want to be. Make the goals time sensitive and achievable.

Think about the tasks that need completing

So, you have the list of goals, it’s now time to think about the tasks that will lead you to success. It will help to think about the end result of achieving that goal and work backwards when thinking about the tasks needed.

Think about the tasks that will have to be completed per goal.

Write down a list of tasks, but don’t create a huge list that will make you procrastinate due to the sheer amount of work involved.

Thinking ahead and planning will help you achieve your goals.

Write the goals down on sticky notes and put them on the fridge, the bathroom mirror or anywhere that you are going to notice them every single day.

Every day wake up with the goals in your mind.

Measure your performance

You now have a list of tasks to achieve those big goals. Next, think about creating small goals or 30-day challenges to help you reach the end goal.

Think about how you could measure if you are heading in the right direction – so, if your goal is to earn £3,000 a month net, in freelance work, then keep a record of your incoming and outgoings so you can calculate your earnings each month.

This will help you evaluate what you are spending money on, and which clients are referring you the most work so you can focus on those people or type of work.

When you’re so focused on the end goal you can often lose track of your performance, and if you leave measuring your journey until the end then you will not have time to make adjustments if you are far away from achieving the goal.

Create ways to make yourself accountable

You’re much likely to perform and achieve your goals if you make yourself accountable. Tell people your goals, join a mastermind group, or, a community where you can share your journey and let other people help motivate you.

Competition is good because it motivates you and focuses you on the end goals so joining a Facebook or Linkedin group with other people who are trying to achieve the same goals is invaluable, really invaluable.

Distance yourself from negative people

Yes, as harsh as this sounds, distancing yourself from negative people is the best thing you can do, but, bear in mind that you want people who provide constructive criticism, rather than people saying what you want to hear.

Sadly, there are some who will never have anything positive to say about your goals or life, and being in a negative mindset, causes self-doubt, procrastination, which combines will cause your goals to come crashing to the ground.

Consume content created by people who inspire you – for me, Gary Vaynerchuk, is someone worth listening to because he’s brutally honest and a great storyteller. Download the TED talks app on your mobile device and select a talk to listen to.

Keeping a positive mindset is essential when it comes to achieving your goals.

Do not be afraid of failing

Creating the short-term goals that lead to achieving the primary goal will keep you focused, and do not be afraid of failing.

You will fail and that’s fine, at least you are trying to make a change to your life and business. Pick yourself up, dust yourself down and evaluate where you went wrong and try again, never give up, never. Remind yourself what your goals are, why you want to achieve them and how you are going to get there.

Fear will cripple you but wake up every day, think about your goals, where you want to be in life and move forward, attack self-doubt and create the life that you want to lead, not what society expects.

Celebrate your success

As a society, we are so conscious of ourselves and are often afraid to celebrate success, mainly because it often feels egotistical – but celebrating those successes is going to motivate you to continue.

It’s also going to show that you are working hard and it’ll inspire others around you. Achieve one of the small goals you’ve set yourself, shout it from the roof-top. Hopefully, this article has helped you think about how to set goals and achieve them.

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