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One of the first challenges is knowing where to get started. Since there are several ways to find remote work online, the first task is to decide which option works best for you, which all have pros and cons.

Let’s answer today’s question: How do I get remote work online?

Firstly, this is only an overview of ways to get remote work, but within the sections, you will find links to more in-depth content.

How Do I Get Remote Work Online
Remote Job for an Employer

The first option is for people who want to escape their office jobs to work remotely at home as an employee. There are lots of specialized remote job boards that list opportunities in many industries and roles.

While some remote jobs require candidates to be residents in the US and other countries, there are opportunities for people based all over the world. Read the contracting section of this article for more information.

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Make sure you pay special attention to the timezone that the company wants you to work. Once you’ve found a job that fits your skills and experience, the next step is to update your resume, craft a cover letter, and apply for the Remote Job.

Take a moment to read through the application process so you do not miss any tasks required to apply for the role.


The next option is for people who want more freedom or to work in the evening and on weekends to supplement their income.

Firstly, consider your skills and how to package them up to a service that small businesses would pay for. Create a website or online presence to showcase your skills and network with business owners.

As a freelancer, you control your hours and who you work with, but bear in mind that you only get paid when your clients process your invoice.

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Having money management skills will be essential for freelancing.

When freelancing in your spare time, good communication skills are required to keep your clients informed.

Some employers expect you to notify them that you are taking on freelance clients and check your employment contract.


Contracting is not a type of remote work that you would naturally think about. In many respects, it is like being an employee and applying for a Remote Job. The only difference is that you would be known as an international contractor because the company does not have an HQ in your country.

When browsing through the listings on remote job boards, look for roles that do not specify that you must be a resident of a specific country.

Like an employee, you would be expected to work a specific work routine within a timezone, so make sure you can commit before applying.

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You would be classed as self-employed and must invoice the company monthly to ensure your salary is processed. This means you would be responsible for paying any taxes, and no benefits would be paid like a sickness entitlement, vacation leave, healthcare or pension scheme.

Building an Online Business

Building an online business is one of the more complex ways to get remote work, but you will succeed if you have patience and are in it for the long term.

You will not be making money overnight; building an audience and selling them a product will take time.

Do you have a skill that is also a passion? You could teach others how to build an audience through content and sell products.

Anything you sell has to help the customer save time and money or achieve a goal they want to achieve.

The product could be a physical or digital product like a course.

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Alternatively, you could create content to build an audience, promote products from other companies, and make an affiliate commission.

Focusing on a specific niche within an industry is the best strategy so that your competition is not as tough to break into.

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