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Last Updated: 21 April 2023

Let’s be honest, writing is one of the easiest freelancing skills to get into, which is good, but sadly it’s an incredibly competitive marketplace. Publishers are also struggling as companies cut their advertising budgets.

That said, please do not let this put you off from starting your freelance writing business. If you have a talent for writing by telling stories or writing easy-to-understand content, you have a chance to succeed.

How do I find well paid freelance writing jobs?

New freelance will instantly search for work on platforms like Freelancer, Upwork and People Per Hour. Suppose you are from a country where the cost of living is generally low by western standards. In that case, you will have an opportunity to earn a good income on these platforms.

For those reading this from affluent countries like the US and UK, it will be challenging to earn a good living from freelancing platforms. The rates are often below the minimum wage in these countries.

Sorry if this sounds harsh, but you will have to become a 24/7 content creating machine to make a liveable income.

Before we get into the question, there are some areas that you can focus on to increase your chances of finding well paid freelance writing jobs.

How Do I Find Well Paid Freelance Writing Jobs?
Be a niche expert

New freelancers, be warned. Do not be a tech writer; focus on topics that are widely searched online but have less competition. Write within a niche to command the best rates for your writing talent.

It might mean you have to learn new skills, but you will be in demand in the long run if you choose wisely. Think NFT’s, Metaverse, and other future technologies if you’re a tech writer.

Travel is an incredibly competitive industry to focus on.

Niche it down to become a writer on trekking in Yorkshire, ecotourism in Indonesia or train travel in Uzbekistan, to name just a few of the many niches you could focus on.

When you niche down, it’s easier to market yourself. You have less competition, so you can charge a higher pay rate. When your niche or industry is trending, take advantage.

Contact journalists and the media to share your content and provide them with quotes to feature you.

How do I know this works? In 2005, I published a blog called Travel Rants, which focused on consumer issues. It was controversial but in a niche with very little competition, other than the mainstream media.

Due to this, I found myself interviewed on the radio, featured on TV, and quoted in newspapers worldwide. What spawned from this is the result of where you find me today, working remotely in Seoul, Korea.

Showcase your writing talent

Without a doubt, having an online presence is an absolute must. Of course, a website with a portfolio of your published work is vital.

Still, it might surprise you to learn that this is not a task you should focus on when you’re starting out as a freelancer.

You can spend thousands of pounds or weeks creating a beautifully designed website with content to showcase your writing talent. Still, it’s going to be incredibly difficult to attract clients from day one.

Think about who your perfect client is and where they are active online. You will likely find them on LinkedIn. Write high quality posts about your niche. Write stories, share experiences, and engage content that will make people want to share it, comment and like your posts.

Really dig deep into the type of content that will attract your targeted clients. By writing content on active communities, you combine showcasing writing skills and attracting the right people.

It’s a win-win situation and will build relationships that lead to work.

Reach out to your targeted clients

So, you have identified your perfect client and where they are active online. You have written content to showcase your skills in communities where your clients spend a lot of time. The next step is to build relationships and reach out to potential clients.

Find potential clients in the communities, then respond to their content. Ask questions, give them advice, suggest content that you think they should publish. Be approachable and friendly.

Once you have started to build relationships with them, reach out. Share your best content and give them a reason to start working with you.

Think about publications you would love to write for and reach out to the editor. Look out for pages sharing how you can contribute. Create one or two guest posts for a few publications to get started.

This strategy is the best for finding well paid freelance writing jobs. Unfortunately, until you build a reputation and portfolio, it’s going to be hard work but worth it.

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