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Getting a remote job isn’t easier or harder than finding traditional employment. It’s different. Because it’s different, you need to approach your search with a fresh new perspective.

This might seem counterintuitive but it’s the first step to being clear on how to land a remote job. You need to make sure you’re fit for the task. Remote jobs require a lot of self-discipline and time management.

If you thrive on flexibility and the chance to work whenever you want, then remote work is the ideal solution for you.

How Do I Find Remote Jobs?
Prepare for interviews

Show your passion for your work and don’t forget to be yourself. Separate yourself from the rest of the applicant pool by going into the interview with a clear understanding of the existing culture.

Following a potential employer on all social feeds is a great way to get a feel for the company and the existing culture.

Personal branding is a must

If a new employer searched your name, you should know exactly what will show up. Your personal brand can be an important deciding factor for remote work. Cultivate a professional image online to help your new employers know how passionate you are about your industry.

Dial back the corporate speak. A hiring manager doesn’t want to hear industry buzzwords. Because your new employer is likely never going to meet you, an employer needs to see you’re authentic.

You can achieve this by speaking in everyday language. In this way, your authenticity will shine through and that translates to trustworthiness.

Know the field and industry

You’re going to need to do a little work before embarking on your remote job search. You have two options. You can either start your own business or become part of a fully or partially distributed company.

This simply means whether there’s a company headquarters or everyone is a remote worker.

Job boards are everywhere you look. Make sure you’re targeting the job boards that list companies in your industry. This prevents time wasting and helps you dial in more quickly to what jobs are available.

Fortunately, there are plenty of job boards that allow customization for your specific skill sets. Think beyond a job board, too.

The more popular remote jobs boards are:

If there’s a company for which you really want to work for, check out their careers page. Many offer remote jobs on their own websites.

Craft your CV/Resume

Remote CVs look different than a traditional employment CV. Self-starting and a forward-thinking approach to problem solving are very valued in remote work culture. Make sure you’re highlighting this sort of experience.

Ensure you’ve listed all the software you’ve used that help you communicate, like Slack, Trello, or Google Hangouts. List your side projects for which you’re passionate, any innovation that you’ve put forth, and if you have a portfolio, include a link.

Be proactive and creative

Being proactive is the key to success. Making the first move is a great way to highlight your skills and ability and let hiring managers know you’re looking for remote work.

LinkedIn is a practical resource for this, and if you’ve spent any time at all crafting a quality LinkedIn page, it should be simple to build connections.

Leveraging your existing network is a simple way to advertise without being overt. Connections on your professional networks will help bridge the gap between what you’re doing now and what you want to be doing.

Remote work isn’t impossible. It takes a different perspective and approach than traditional job searching.

When you have a vision of what your ideal workday looks like, you can easily reverse engineer the steps to make it happen. A well-tailored CV, an intimate knowledge of your industry and field, and a keen attention to your personal brand will set you up for success.

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