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Freelancing is an option many people choose to transition into remote working. Being sensible and only quitting your job when you have regular income and a solid client list is the recommended strategy.

You are going to be disappointed if you think you will start to earn money overnight.

As previously written, you can start freelancing while working full-time. To save up six months salary, so it felt comfortable quitting my office job of 24 years, freelancing for clients in the evening and weekend, is what helped me the most.

In this article, you will learn how to find freelance work with no experience.

4 Ways to Find Freelance Work with No Experience
Networking to find freelance work

Networking is essential for a new freelancer, and this is an area where most people fail. Spending a few hours a week getting involved in communities where potential clients are active is going to help you not rely on freelancing platforms.

The likes of LinkedIn, forums within your industry and niche, and Facebook groups will help you create your own client list. You need to add value in these communities, answer questions, get involved and be active.

Aside from that look for local in-person networking events where you can meet other business owners, and build relationships with them. These contacts might help you in the future when you start to reach out to businesses.

Reaching out to potential clients

Create your power list of 6-10 businesses, who you would love to have in your client list. Think about the services that you offer, and where you could add the most value. My advice is to focus on a niche or industry, rather than trying to be a freelancer for all. It’s easier to market yourself as we will discuss below.

Remember that business owners are busy people, just like you.

Do not call them, instead send a brief email with why you can help them today. Make sure you mention why your services will save them time or money. Or how your services would help increase their income.

Along with this, send them a link to your website where you showcase your skills and include testimonials.

Give them two weeks, if they do not respond, send them a final email.

Use Freelance platforms

The quickest way to find freelance work is to sign up to one of the many freelancing platforms. Sites like People Per Hour, Fiverr, and Upwork are places to start. Bear in mind that you will be up against people whose rate of pay is lower than yours and the people looking for freelancers are usually looking for it cheap.

The advantage of these platforms is that it is an opportunity to learn how to work with freelance clients. Stick to your hourly rate, and do not do anything cheaply. You will find clients, but it might take longer to find people who are happy to pay your rates.

Where possible, try and build relationships with the clients away from the platform. You do not want to be reliant on a third-party platform for your client list going forward, you want to be in complete control.

Content marketing works

This strategy does work, but it will be the slowest way to gain new clients. That said, it’s a way to build a client list that is going to stay around for longer. As a freelancer, you most certainly need a website, and having a content plan to showcase your skills and help build trust is essential.

What challenges are your potential clients struggling with? Give them quick wins that will save them time or money and make them realise that they need you to help their business grow.

Content like you’re reading today is an example of how content marketing works. You’re a new freelancer, looking for help to get new clients and as a coach, it’s something that people ask me to help them on.

See what I did there?

How-to style posts do very well because it’s content that your future clients are searching for. Think about what type of content you are better suited to. Maybe a video, audio is a better option for you than writing.

Before you head away, please take a moment to read my other freelancing articles. Like, how to become a successful freelancer. Or read, about the mistakes many make when they are creating their website.

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