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More people are searching for a remote job because they have loved working from home during the pandemic. It’s frustrating and soul-destroying when you receive automated job rejections.

It’s essential not to take the rejection too personally, although, from experience, it’s easier said than done.

There is competition for remote jobs because people have realized the benefits of working from home. Who wants to spend their life in an office. Not me, especially when you have an improved work-life balance and can spend more time with loved ones or doing activities you love.

Why Can’t I Get a Remote Job?
Why can’t I get a remote job?

To be completely honest, there could be several factors to why you are not getting shortlisted for a remote job interview. We’ve already highlighted the common mistakes people make, so we’re going to focus on a vitally important area of improvement that you can work on today.

Most people will do the bare minimum when applying for remote jobs. It’s true; most will send the same resume for every position and not know how to win against applicant tracking software. You need to brainstorm some ideas on how you can stand out amongst other candidates.

How can I stand out?

It can be as simple as spending an hour learning more about the company. Do your research – read blog posts, and consume social media content. What can you take from that content and write an eye-catching introduction in your cover letter?

Another strategy is to highlight an area of the business that, with your skills, you can improve. It’s time to get creative.

Brainstorming ideas

Let’s pretend you are applying for an HR role, look on Glassdoor and read through the reviews from ex-employees. Is there a common trend to pick up on and improve the work culture? Maybe you’re applying for a copywriter job, and you’ve found many grammar errors in the content.

Want to know what I would do to stand out as a Quality Assurance analyst? Download the latest version of the software, find bugs, add them to a Google sheet, and include details in the cover letter.

No one else will do any of those tasks and you will stand out. Why am I so confident that these strategies will work? I’ve been a Quality Assurance specialist while travelling the world for 7 years. It works.

Work with me

These are just a few strategies you can use to stand out when applying for remote jobs. Need help? Book a one-hour session with me, and we can work together to help you stand out and get that perfect remote job.

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