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This guide was written by Darren Cronian. Over the last 7 years, he has secured numerous remote jobs and built a successful freelancing business. Frustrated at automated rejections or struggling to find freelance clients? Your remote work coach is here for support.

Building a coaching business to help people land a remote job might not seem like the best idea during a global pandemic. More so, when everyone is already working from home.

You must think long term when you are building a business. Since 2005, one of my passions has been to create online communities and help people – so coaching was an obvious direction for my business.

Here are the lessons learnt from building a coaching business.

Building a coaching business. What I learnt in the first 12 months
Have goals and a vision

Writing down my short and long term goals gave me a vision of what life could look like if my coaching business becomes successful.  My vision included building a business to help change peoples lives like I changed mine.

Also, having visions of walking on the beach with the seals in Kaikoura, New Zealand. Opening my bungalow door to the turquoise ocean around Bora Bora. Taking a 3-4 week train journey on the Trans Siberian Express from St. Petersburg to Beijing.

Spend time thinking about why you are starting the business? What do you want to achieve? What are short and long term goals for your business, and how will they impact your lifestyle?

No such thing as a perfect website at launch

This is probably one of my biggest lessons from the first 12 months. It took me around ten months before starting to market myself as a remote job coach. It felt like the website had to be finished, and realistically, a website is never truly completed. You are continuously making improvements and changes.

It also felt like my coaching programme and products had to be created before thinking about promoting myself as a coach.

Start with a short coaching programme that is going to give your clients a quick-win. Help them get started, guide them through the process, and how-to-deal with the challenges they will face.

Keep it simple. Do not try and over-complicate it.

Start with a simple one-page website with information on who you are, what you can help people with. Share your story, and provide a way that people can contact you for more information.

Evaluate and improve

Every quarter, evaluate how your business is performing. What is working well? What is not working as well as expected? What tasks are you not doing in your business to bring in more income or increase your audience? Start working on those tasks.

Many coaching businesses focus on social media but do not evaluate the results. Does Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter drive people to your website and convert them into clients or subscribers? If not, why waste any more time when you can focus it on things that are working.

Sustainable content marketing

When building an online business, you will have to become a content creation machine. It is the content that is going to help you be found online. Initially, I planned to film three videos, write three articles, record a podcast and create social media content, every week.

For one person, who has to also work with clients and on business development, this is not sustainable in the long term.

You need to find a content marketing strategy that is sustainable for at least 12 to 18 months. Consistency is essential for building an audience.

Spend time thinking about what content you enjoy to create the most. Are you a writer, a video creator, or do you love social media? Think about what is best for you – but most importantly, think about the content you can create every single week.

Know your audience and their challenges

Knowing your target audience and where they are online is essential to build a profitable coaching business. What is just as important is understanding the challenges they face, so you can create content that gives them the solution.

Frequently asked questions and How to style content needs to be included in your content strategy. Creating this style of articles increased the number of visitors to my website. It is the type of content that your target audience will be searching for.

Work on mindset issues

Often our biggest enemy is our brain: perfectionism, self-doubt, imposter syndrome, procrastination, just to name a few challenges entrepreneurs have to overcome.

Most of us suffer from one or more of these mindset challenges. The only way you can overcome most mindset issues is by taking action.

When it comes to coaching, realise that you cannot possibly know everything – no coach is perfect. What is essential is that you know more than the people who are looking to be coached.

Thinking like this made me get over imposter syndrome and self-doubt.

About perfectionism, the only solution is to create content and realise that it is not going to be perfect straight away, but over time it will improve. You will learn new skills and the quality will improve in time.

Have you watched the videos created by the successful entrepreneurs on YouTube when they first started? Do it.

You are the product

Leaving my biggest mistake for last. Do not waste a year thinking that you have to create all of your products in a sales funnel before launching your business. You are the product. Let me say that again. You are the product.

What you have in your brain, the experience you have gone through is what people want. Start by coaching one-on-one. Figure out their challenges and pain points. Share the mistakes people make, share what worked well for you.

Once you have run through your first coaching programme with several clients, only then start to think about digital products to help more people. You are leaving money on a table if you focus the first 12 months on building passive income and learn more about your target audience.

This is my first time writing about building a coaching business, so please drop me an email via my contact form if you would like me to create more.

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This guide was written by Darren Cronian. Over the last 7 years, he has secured numerous remote jobs and built a successful freelancing business. Frustrated at automated rejections or struggling to find freelance clients? Your remote work coach is here for support.

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