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Working from home offers a number of advantages that can’t be replicated in an office setting. Aside from the obvious benefits like working in casual clothing and avoiding a commute, there are plenty of other benefits of working remotely.

Here are a few ways that life can be completely different for you when you ditch the desk and embrace the freedom of being a remote worker.

benefits of working remotely

The best remote workers are self-starter who can stay on task without a lot of oversight. But those skills are generally not present in most workers, especially if you’re transitioning from an office or corporate setting where you’ve had lots of muddling managers. One of the most beneficial components of remote working is the ability to increase your own independence.

This means that you’re going to have more control and power in when and how you do your work. An increase in your personal autonomy means you’re going to take more responsibility for your work, and you’re going to be more committed to its end result.

Without having colleagues immediately reachable, you’re going to develop and foster your own set of problem-solving skills. These will range from developing skills on your own to researching solutions and becoming more proactive.

A definite by-product of this self-reliance is that your communication will become clearer. You’ll need to effectively convey your message which means that you’re going to home in on skills that you might have let go by the wayside when you were an office worker. Combined, this increased independence will give you the ability to be more engaged and active in your pursuit of steady income.


No matter where you fall on the overall arena of remote working, your schedule is going to be far more open than when you were an office worker.

As a web developer or content creator, you’re probably going to be able to work whenever you want. This means if you’re most productive and creative in the evening hours, you’ll be able to work during that time.

Working in bursts is another distinct advantage of remote working. Provided you meet your deadlines to your clients, you could easily work a long day a few times a week and have more free time overall. This is excellent if you have creative interests, demanding family schedules, or just like a little self-care time.

The best part about scheduling freedom is the capacity to build in mindful breaks during your workday. Even just ten minutes of active aerobic exercise can help counterbalance sitting all day. If you’ve been searching for a way to integrate more movement into your life, remote working can offer you that benefit.


Depending on the type of work you’re doing, your office can literally be anywhere. If you’re creating content or writing code, all you need is an internet connection. As a teacher or virtual assistant, you might need to seek out a quieter space.

The beauty of remote working is that you can integrate travel into your workday, making it easy to see the world and earn an income at the same time.


Saving money is another benefit of remote working. The expense of commuting and the cost of a professional wardrobe is removed, giving you a chance to save more money for more travel. Food costs and coffee shop trips are often less as well, since it’s just as easy to whip up lunch or a latte at home.

Remote working takes a lot of self-starting dedication. You have to be able to commit to the work and produce it in time without errors. There’s no management oversight, so you’re going to be responsible for answering your own questions.

Being the start and stop authority for your own work will help you create a sense of fulfilment that might be missing in a traditional office workplace.


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